The London Expedition

M25 Dartford

I’ve had a car of my own for about 2 months now. It’s quite nice not having to use public transport everywhere I go. I can take whichever route I want to wherever I want.

Sitting at home all weekend is not an option for me, I have to do *something*. So at the weekend I drove further than I have ever driven before. From Cirencester I drove to visit Granddad, in Welling – on the Kent/London border.

Car in WellingAt risk of sounding like a Top Gear presenter, I absolutely love this car. POWER. SPEED. The roar of the engine when I put my foot down and accelerate. It does nought to sixty when you’re not in a traffic jam, and then on to a top speed of… quite fast.

It’s fair to say that my route – which includes the A419, M4, M3, M25 and A2 – takes me on some big roads. They are particularly big roads for people who learned to drive in the Cotswolds.

They’re busy roads as well – full of maniac drivers (read as: Audi and BMW drivers), but also a few considerate ones too (classic car drivers) – however unlike Dad I quite enjoy driving and don’t get stressed on sight of another car, let alone a traffic jam.

I used the car to take Granddad to see Grandma at her care home in Thamesmead; then we went in to Greenwich for dinner with my Aunt. Sort of went round in circles a bit, but actually I wasn’t too far out. I was only slightly further along the South Circular than I wanted to be.

As for London parking? Granddad has a driveway… didn’t need to worry about where to park!

I somehow don’t think it’ll be long before I get roped in to doing at least some of the driving next time we go up to London as a family…


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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