My First Car

In the last week I have become one step closer to a presenting job on Top Gear. I now have a car of my own (hooray)!

VW GolfThe car I have acquired is a VW Golf – 1991 model. At 23 years old, the car is a year older than I am.

With no power steering, and a manual choke, this car is not exactly modern. After a week with it, I am finding it is a nice car to drive: it responds very well  – in a way that other cars I have driven do not, but what exactly I mean by that is hard to define.

I’ve used it to drive to and from work a couple of times, as well as to and from uni, where on election night I was helping out with the election results show. Driving on the A435 at 5am really is rather fun.

VW InteriorAs a radio producer, having a good radio in the car is important to me. The FM transmitter which I used to keep in Dad’s car has now found a home in my car; I can plug my phone in to that and the music on my mobile phone plays on the car stereo. This is usually something I’ve recorded on the radio – my computer is constantly recording while I’m at work.

There is something really rather fun (and geeky) about driving through Fairford town centre with Radio Thessaloniki on the stereo… driving in to Tesco listening to Antenne Bayern… tuning to a recording of the previous night’s Bob Harris Country… or driving up the M5 listening to France Bleu Toulouse (as I did in Dad’s car a couple of months ago).

My latest investment, which I am rather pleased with, is an in-car DAB system: a DAB recevier with FM transmitter. This means I can listen to digital radio through the car stereo, without having to pay upwards of £150 to replace the entire stereo system. Once I’ve got that set up properly, I’ll be able to listen to LBC on the move (another hooray)!

Just need somewhere to drive to other than work now…

Any suggestions?


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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