Settling In

Six days after my return from six weeks in Greece, and I am slowly settling back in to life in the UK, and life post university.

It is strange to be once again waking up to Nick Ferrari at Breakfast on LBC after so long away from the country. When I left, the schools had yet to break up and some of my friends from university were still living in Cheltenham.

Not any more! Everyone has gone their separate ways now: some straight in to work, some back to living with parents, and some to new post-graduate university courses.

For me: he big challenge over the next few months is to try and find myself my first job – and with both university and my Greek adventure out the way, I can now spend more time focusing on this. Already I’ve got about three or four applications in.

I don’t know where my job search will take me: but I’m searching over quite a large area, in order to find the best radio/media/journalism job opportunities. It’s slightly scary, but exciting at the same time.

In other news… It is almost three years since I passed my driving test, and I am finally insured on a car. Not a car of my own, I’ll point out. Dad’s car. But it’s a step forward. I don’t always have to rely on the busses any more. Hooray!

Later this week, I’m giving a presentation on my Grand Tour of Greece – in Greek – to my Greek teacher and some of her other students. I might meet up with a few friends too. And at some stage I need to catch up with Great British Bake Off, which I have yet to see any of.

Bye for now,


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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