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In my Cheltenham residence I have a calendar pinned to the wall which counts down to the start of my 6 week trip to Greece.

When I looked at this calendar this morning, it was clear just how little of my 3 years at uni remains. I have less than 6 weeks left.

Of those 6 weeks, the next 2 are the Easter break – and I have been using my free time working on my Independent Production Project: Not so much because there’s a lot to do – but because I need something to do in order to take my mind off the fact I’ll be leaving uni very soon!

My IPP is a series of interviews looking at Britain’s relationship with the European Union.

Yesterday I interviewed the Liberal Democrat MP for Cheltenham, Martin Horwood.

I quite enjoyed being a political interviewer for the first time! I’m no Jeremy Paxman or Nick Ferrari… but maybe with practice I could be! 😛

I’ll be doing some more political interviewing in a couple of weeks too: Just a couple of days before the deadline for my IPP, I’ll be recording a joint interview with Cotswolds MP Geoffrey Clifron-Brown, and South West MEP Julie Girling.

Hopefully that interview will be as good as yesterday’s.

I’ll be putting the interviews up here after I’ve handed in the assignment, and I’ll be using them on Tone Radio as well at some point.

I wonder if maybe I should pursue a career as some sort of political interviewer? Politics is one of the few things (beyond radio) I like to talk about at uni: I like a good political debate with my housemates/coursemates.

I think I shall now start to prepare some questions for my next political debate.

Cue my Yes, (Prime) Minister DVD box set.


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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