NUS Votes to “Oppose UKIP”

I am no fan of the National Union of Students – and I am even less of a fan now that they have taken the absurd decision to “openly oppose” UKIP.

The vote was taken at the NUS National Conference this afternoon. The Guardian’s live page quotes the Vice President of the University of London Union as calling UKIP a racist and xenophobic party.

We should be alarmed by the rise of UKIP, a party that represents the worst of UK society, racism, xenophobia and a narrow minded approach that could cut us off from Europe. UKIP voters are looking for answers, but UKIP have no answers. Immigration is not the cause of job losses and lower wages. Business and politicians are. Let us tell UKIP that their politics are not welcome in our movement.

Daniel Cooper

Apart from the fact that the above is not true – is it really acceptable for any political party to be effectively banned?

I can’t say I’m surprised though – I’ve known for a while that the NUS does not tolerate the views of anyone right of centre.

UKIP is a legitimate political party with growing support. The radio regulator regards it as a big player in the upcoming Euro elections. Less than a month ago, Ofcom ruled it must be treated as a main party.

It seems that the NUS did not get this message. They have completely overlooked the fact that UKIP performed well in the opinion polls following the two recent TV/Radio debates on the EU.

Of course – as far as I’m concerned, nothing has changed. As Head of News in a Students’ Union owned radio station, I look to Ofcom, the BBC and Global Radio for guidance. The NUS has no influence over what goes in to our news bulletins.

It seems to me that the NUS has done a very good job of alienating any student who is either a UKIP member or a UKIP voter – as well as any one even slightly Eurosceptic.

Apart from that – what has it achieved?

Absolutely nothing!

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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