Cheltenham Literature Festival 2013: Nick Robinson – Live from Downing Street

Nick Robinson

Those who know me well know that I am a keen follower of politics – something I became interested in during my time at Cirencester College, when shortly after the 2010 election, my journalism lecturer spent quite a bit of time explaining how the political system works, what people mean when they talk about “left” and “right” politics, and what the core differences between the three main parties are.

So when I saw that BBC Political Editor Nick Robinson would be speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival on Saturday night, I was quick to get hold of my ticket.

I’ve long been a fan of Nick Robinson – it is his reporting, his style of presentation, that has kept me interested in what politicians are up to.

I really enjoyed his talk, hearing some of the stories he had of working with various politicians (particularly about how he didn’t get on with Gordon Brown), how he and other current affairs broadcasters were involved in politics at university, and the police in Downing Street who change shifts so they can be on TV.

I’ve got his book as well, which I’m sure I will enjoy reading… I will get round to it once I’ve finished reading Margaret Thatcher’s memoirs and my book about Radio 4 as well (#SlowReader).

Looking forward to next year’s Literature Festival. I’ll have finished university by then – so I don’t know where I’ll be working (or even what type of job I will have): but what is certain is that I will be attending the Cheltenham Literature Festival 2014.


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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