Third Year of Uni

I was back at uni today – for the first day of my third (and final year) studying Radio Production.

One one hand, I’m happy: I like radio… And I like studying it! Very soon I will get back in to doing regular radio shows on Tone Radio, where I am now Head of News.

I’m in new accommodation again this year. For the first time, I’m in a house with people on the same course as me, and who I already know. The trouble is, that means they all know when I’m meant to be doing work – or, in other words, they have all the same assignments and deadlines as me, and they know when I really should not be watching Greek/German TV or episodes of Yes, Prime Minister on DVD.

HOWEVER… This time next year, I won’t be returning to uni. 🙁 So the next few months, apart from trying to pass all the modules and get my degree, will be all about trying to get a job. The trouble is, I don’t want to leave uni yet. I quite like it here!

That said, before I can even think about leaving uni next year, I do need to do the work and go to lectures. So I won’t worry about that quite yet.

Right… Lecture in half an hour. I’ve got to charge my laptop up beforehand. And I’m hungry as well.

Bye for now.


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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