Meanwhile, At Corinium Radio…

Its been a while since I did anything at Corinium Radio, but this week I chaired the first meeting of the Technical Committee since our broadcast in November.

Corinium Radio is now going through an interesting period; after acquiring our permanent studio just before the November broadcast, we’re now realizing that there are lots of things we can do that we could previously only dream of.

Becoming a full time radio station for Cirencester is even possible now – though we’re still talking a few years before this becomes a reality – with a very lengthy license application process, a massive fundraising drive and a lot more people needed if we are to get anywhere close to being able to apply.

But as my third and final year of university gets under way in just a few months time, all this change comes at a time when I need to focus on other things.

I will be stepping down from my role as Studio Technician after the broadcast this July. The November broadcast falls right in the middle of my third year, and by the time we are broadcasting in July 2014, I need to be in a proper job: my student loan will probably have gone by then.

In order to make the handover as smooth as possible, the training process for our new technicians has already started. Cameron MacG and DJ Harry J, both existing technicians at Corinium will be taking on my role as website administrator.

I will be staying on in a programme-making role though. This is the area that I wish to focus on. Its the sort of stuff I do at uni on an almost daily basis.

One thing is clear: Corinium Radio is growing. If you want to play a part in Cirencester’s local radio station, go to to find out more information. If programme making isn’t your thing – don’t worry… there’s still lots of stuff that needs to be done in order to go on air for just 3 days.

I’m off to help film a promotional video for the Corinium Radio website. This could be fun…!

Enjoy your weekend,


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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