Good Weather, the Olympics and A Weekend with the Family…

We’ve finally had a week of good weather: temperatures most days this week reached the high 20s (we’re talking Celsius here, you understand – not Fahrenheit. 20°C is 68°F – and 20°F is about -6.7°C. Thanks to Google for helping me with that).

This weather does have its advantages: I can sit in the garden and read. The disadvantages? My bedroom is boiling (even at night) – South facing, not helped by my computers, and the fact that I don’t use the main light (bulb went in April and I haven’t changed it yet, and I prefer not having a bright energy saving light illuminating the entire room) – I use a little bedside reading light instead.

This weekend I’ve been up to Worcestershire for one of them ‘family reunion’ things: my Uncle over from the US of Americans, and my cousin home from a rather scary country. Tigers, crocodiles and snakes can all be found in the wild in Thailand. That’s a good enough reason for me to not go there.

There were 11 of us – and we all had a BBQ last night – despite it being noticeably colder than of late. But we’re British, so we like nothing better than to sit outside under the false impression that July means Summer, shivering whilst eating.

I was quite impressed that I was in bed by 11. Since leaving uni I’ve broken out of the habit of going to bed at 22:30 and getting up at 06:00. Some nights over the past few months its been getting towards 01:00 by the time I’ve put my book down and reached for the light switch (I quickly loose track of the time when reading before I go to bed). That did have the advantage of waking up at my normal time this morning.

Whilst eating breakfast, I heard Radio 4’s ‘Sunday Worship’ programme on in Granny’s room. It was broadcasting live from the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. Later, I saw these 2 tweets [between Dad’s sister and my cousin]…

They’d chosen that venue as it is right next to one of the Olympic venues… They have of course now started.

Did you see the Opening Ceremony?

I’m not terribly interested in sport but I did watch the opening ceremony on Friday night, and thought it was great. They’d thought of everything! The Queen meeting James Bond, Mr. Bean and the Chariots of Fire, the NHS as our national religion (As one person tweeted: Hear that America? NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE), the Child Catcher, and Mary Poppins defeating the big Voldemort. Of course, no British party would be complete without Sir Paul McCartney.

The grumpy, cynical side of me hated it.

1) The Queen missed the stadium when she jumped out of the helicopter (presumably to hide the fact it was actually a stunt double).

2) Mike Oldfield was there playing some of his music… though why was In Dulci Jubilo played? It is a Christmas song, with its original lyrics written in Latin and Old German.

3) Most of the world would probably not have understood what was going on. Only the British could do such a mad opening ceremony.

4) We’re on the right side of the English Channel here. Cut the French stadium announcements. I know I said I liked Europe, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t do things our own way.

Only the British could do an opening ceremony where one can be so cynical about its contents. Personally, I thought it was all brilliant (I just like being cynical for the sake of it).

But what did wind me up though, were the comments made by Aidan Burley MP.

“Leftie multi-cultural c**p”? Speaking as a Conservative supporter, I have to say that I think he seriously misjudged the mood of the nation here. Boris got it right with his comments.

Perhaps now would be a suitable time to introduce my current favourite song: Italian singer Al Bano teaming up with Greek singer Γιάννης Πλούταρχος to produce an album… here’s one of their songs – it starts of in Greek, switches to Italian half way through, then towards the end its one line of Greek to one line of Italian.

Is this “leftie multi-cultural c**p”?

Now… I’m off to bed.

Gute Nacht.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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