Approaching the End of the Year

Its now the end of Week 12, SEM2 which means the end of my first ‘year’ at university here in Cheltenham.

Yesterday I handed in my RAP103 essay and we also had the final crit for the RAP120 documentary. Johnny and I did ours about Cirencester’s Charter Market. BBC Radio Gloucestershire’s Head of Programmes Nick Bull came in to listen. I don’t think the feedback we got was too bad, there’s nothing that came up that we can’t sort out before Monday, so its just a case now of making the necessary changes and submitting it along with the paperwork on Monday.

I’ve been starting to think about stuff to do over the Summer, because, not having a job, I’ll have nothing to do if I don’t come up with anything. Today I got the bus (the 46) in to Stroud to visit Stroud FM, the community radio station serving Stroud and all its villages. Community radio stations are always looking for volunteers and Stroud FM, unlike Corinium Radio which operates on RSLs, is full time. I’m hoping to be able to go in once a week and help out with some of the production side of things, which should be good.

Next week its the Jazztown broadcast, covering the Cheltenham Jazz Festival. I’ve got a meeting at uni tomorrow afternoon, which means I’ll have to miss my Greek lesson but that doesn’t matter too much.

Now… in about 2 minutes the Tone encoder should let me copy my the recording of the last 15 minutes of my show (along with the first 45 minutes of the next show, Lewis & Jim) on to my memory stick. So I’m going to shut my laptop down, copy my show, and then head off back home to bed.

Καλή Νύχτα.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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