A Productive Day of Radio

Productive day yesterday, and the busiest I’ve had all term!

I got up early to get the bus to Cirencester as I do every Friday mornng. Johnny and I were recording our feature on the Cirencester Charter Market which we’ll be using for our RAP120 Feature Documentaries for Radio assessment at uni. It would also make an excellent feature for the next Corinium Radio broadcast. We managed to record quite a few interviews the traders as well as the manager of the market. Our next task is to edit it so that it sounds like a professional radio feature. The bit I enjoy doing the most! πŸ˜‰

after we finished recording we returned to my house to copy the audio on to the computer, before we got back on the bus to Cheltenham. As we were using university equipme which was taken out in my name, was responsible for returning the kit safely. On arriving at uni we called in at the Tone Radio studio where Robin and Jelmer were presenting a one-off Friday edition of ‘In the Dark‘. We co-presented a little bit of the final hour of their show, which was rather fun. My first appearance as a guest presenter on someone else’s show! πŸ˜€

They had me pitching products for their ‘product placement’ game thingy. The aim of that is to come up withΒ  weird product, and Robin chooses the best product. My pitch was for a new type of digital recorder. The H5N1 (that’s the strain of influenza more commonly known as Bird Flu) – I took the inspiration from the fact that the equipment we were using in the morning was the Zoom H4N. I also copied the recording of my own Tone show on to my USB stick, which means I can sort that out and put the recording online in a few minutes time.

I returned the kit to the store before going in to the refectory for lunch, and then getting the bus back to Cirencester. I am now home for three weeks as its the Easter break.

Lots to be getting on with: will write again on this blog soon.


My first appearance as a guest presenter on someone else’s show! πŸ˜€

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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