BBC Radio 2Day

Yesterday I really enjoying listening to 2Day on BBC Radio 2.

The idea: Radio 2’s presenters team up with other presenters and present shows at times they wouldn’t normally be on.

Its a great bit of publicity – people who only get the chance to listen during the day are given the chance to listen to some of the excellent shows on at other times of the day; the specialist music shows which set Radio 2 apart from commercial radio – that’s what Radio 2 is all about!

There were some excellent programmes, ranging from Jamie Cullum and Simon Mayo on Breakfast to Michael Ball and David Jacobs in the afternoon and Steve Wright with the Comedy Hour. Some bits were better than others, but it was a welcome change to the usual format of Radio 2 daytimes, even if I did loose track of the time on several occasions. It just goes to show how we all take routine for granted!

Now, I’m familiar with the vast majority of Radio 2’s programmes – because I have the radio on most days and I use the iPlayer frequently to listen online. So its been great for me to hear my favorite shows at different times of the day – and all completely live!

Alongside the broadcasts, Radio 2 ran a live discussion on the 2Day page on their website; members of the public could leave their messages and chat to some of the producers.

Generally I think a lot of people really enjoyed hearing something new, but there have been a few negative comments from some people. Of course, not everyone will like everything, but as Simon Mayo said last night, if you don’t like what’s on, it’ll change again at the start of the next hour, and its only one day. One poster on the live chat summed it up nicely:

Don’t you realise this is a showcase for everything that is on Radio 2 – I don’t like it all but I have listened with an open mind and discovered some things I like that are new to me and confirmed some things I don’t like. Its been good listening to different people working with each other too.

And that is the way I think everyone should look at 2Day!

You can listen to all the shows on the BBC Radio 2 website.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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