Website Statistics for November

December has arrived and its my birthday next week ( :D). Here are the website statistics for November 2010.

In November there were 2614 unique visitors, up 61 from October.

There were 6082 visits, and an average of 2.32 visits per visitor.

Days of the Month

The day with the highest number of visitors was November 14, with 318. No posts were made on this day, hence the 404 Error Page when you click the link.

The 2 days with the lowest number of visitors were November 12 and November 30, both with 170. No posts were made on either of these days, hence the 404 Error Pages when you click on the links.

You can see the full graph in .xlsx format here.

International Hits

In November 2010, the website received hits from 98 different countries.

The top 5 were the UK, the USA, the Netherlands, Germany and Russia.

The bottom 5 were Estonia, Cameroon, Botswana, the UAE and Bahrain.

Most Viewed

The top 10 most viewed pages in November 2010 were:

  1. Home
  2. RSS Feed
  3. Comments & Discussions
  4. Blog Post: In Swedish, with English Subtitles
  5. RSS Feed (Greek)
  6. Blog Post: BBC Radio 2 Electric Proms
  7. Blog Post: A Tour of BBC Radio Gloucestershire
  8. Blog Post: BBC Journalist Strike
  9. Blog Post: Malcolm Laycock Quits Radio 2
  10. Blog Post: Website Statistics for August

Search Terms

The top 10 search terms which resulted in a visit to the site were:

  1. Concorde
  2. Fred Hart Online
  3. X Factor Competition 2010
  4. Olive Tree of Vouves
  5. Dawn Patrol Radio 2
  6. Radio 2 Changes
  7. BBC have no right to strike NUJ
  8. Flight AF4590
  9. Concorde flight Land’s End John
  10. Watch Wallander English Subtitles

That’s it for this month. The December statistics will be available on January 1.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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