I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here – 2010 Series

Every year I watch I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! on ITV 1.

This year is no exception!

I just hope that my radio career doesn’t get me as close to the jungle as Tony Blackburn‘s did; he of course won the first series back in 2002, and if you also watch the show you’ll know that to win the show you’ve basically got to go through three weeks of camping (which I don’t like) in a jungle full of snakes (which I’m terrified of) in Australia (a long plane flight away, and I don’t like flying).

So who do I want to win? Well, in this blog post I’m going to tell you my opinions on who I’d like to win.

Aggro, while I don’t know who he is, I think is quite sensible and I hope he stays in for a little while longer. I like how he just gets on with things without too much complaining. Allison Hammond is another one I’ve never heard of before, and she’s quite funny. Again, she gets on without too much complaining which I like.

I was unsure of Dom Joly at first (incidentally, according to Wikipedia he lives not too far from Cirencester), but I’ve grown used to him now and like is sarcasm. Certain celebrities don’t get it, and other think he’s being nasty. The thing is, that a lot of what he says is the truth, which you don’t see from a lot of celebrities who go on (not just from this year’s lot).

The drama revolving around Gillian McKeith: She was funny at first, and it was good TV. However, I personally think that to have a different celeb doing the trials each day is better.

Until the vote-offs started, it was starting to get too repetitive for me, and it got to the point where Gillian wasn’t feeling well because she was getting so nervous at the prospect of having to do yet another trial. I don’t blame her! Hopefully she will be better now that the celebs themselves choose who does the trial.

I think its a shame that Lembit Öpik was voted out; he was another who just got on with things. Its a shame that all the public and the celebrities see is a politician who must not be trusted.

Nigel Havers: I’d have liked him to stay a little bit longer. I liked him after the trial on the first night, where he had to sing. He seemed to be having a laugh and almost “enjoying” it. Its a shame he had to be so grumpy. But then I don’t think I’m one to talk. I seem to spend most of my life being grumpy and trying not to listen to what people are saying! 😀

For Cheryl Gascoigne to go on the first night, I think was the right decision. She may have been sensible and not complained too much, but she didn’t really do much other than that. Whilst being the “nice” person of the group is a good thing, you need to have a bit of a laugh and enjoy yourself while you’re in there.

And Stacey Solomon… I don’t think half the time she realizes how she portrays herself. That’s all I’ll say.

But who do I think should get through to the final 3?


Shaun Ryder… his relaxed attitude is something which I like. And I do find some of the things he says quite funny; he does have his opinions and isn’t afraid to confront people within the group if he gets annoyed with them.

Linford Christie seems to be enjoying himself, and trying to get on with everybody. I also liked watching his trial last Sunday. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to do that!

As for the 3rd placed person. I’m not sure. I’d have liked Nigel or Lembit to get that far. But they’re both gone! 🙁 So maybe Dom, Aggro or Allison. I haven’t made my mind up.

Please let me know what you think of the show. Comments box is below or e-mail me on admin@fred-hart.co.uk.


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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