A Very Successful Radio Broadcast

In the Corinium Radio Studio (July 2010)

Last weekend’s radio broadcast was extremely successful, as far as I’m concerned.

The reason for this is that our Internet streaming has been working better than any time in the past. There were a couple of times when it went down, approx. once a day. However, it must be noted that we did only have one streaming location. In the past, we’ve had two as a backup. So if we’d have had another streaming location it wouldn’t have gone down!

In the studio, this was the first time we’d had any sort of programmes going out overnight. From 9pm onwards, we had some pre-recorded music shows. This included a dubstep evening, a dance mashup, Music from the Decades and Nick Edwards’ Psychadelic Rock.

Afterwards, we went into Corinium Radio Reloaded. In the past, this has been back to back music with jingles in between. However, I spend much of the early part of last week going through the hard drive, looking for recordings of previous programmes (both live and pre-recorded ones) and putting them on the sustainer. Throw in a few music tracks, jingles and mentions for the platinum sponsors in between, and Corinium Radio has programmes on air throughout the night!

I got a lot of positive feedback about my series of Early Breakfast programmes, where I played music, I talked, and I played some short clips from Corinium Radio’s past. Clips included a live performance of the Stratton Drama Group (from June 2008), A Beginners’ Guide to Reptiles (from July 2009) and the Rock & Roldie Show (from November 2009).

The next few days are simply tidying up – burning CDs with recordings of shows and packing up the studio. On Thursday, we have our AGM and then we start looking towards the future.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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