Is the Country Run by Former Journalists?

Micheal Crick, political editor for BBC Newsnight, posted an article on his blog yesterday asking if the country is run by former journalists.

His article comes after an article by Boris Johnson for the Spectator, where he says that the country is now run by journalists.

Crick points out that four of the five Labour leadership candidates are former journalists – the two Eds (Balls and Miliband), Andy Burnham and Diane Abbott.

In addition, apart from Boris himself, other former journalists include George Osbourne, Nick Clegg, Michael Gove, Chris Grayling, Jack Straw, Peter Mandleson, Shaun Woodward, Ben Bradshaw and Gordon Brown.

And while David Cameron was never a journalist, he did work in PR for a television company.

Now… I do journalism at college, and I’m part of the Corinium Radio committee and programming group. So that means I count as a journalist, right? So, does this mean I could one day be running the country!?

To answer that, I refer back to something Wogan once said on an edition of his Breakfast Show back in 2004(ish), after I’d sent in an e-mail and accidentally managed to get the headteacher of a local primary school mentioned on peak-time radio.

So after hearing it, he sent an e-mail into Wogan, saying: “If he’s [referring to me] doing this at 11, what about when he’s 50“? To which, Wogan replied… “He’ll probably have been Prime Minister several times over“.

So there is still time! 😉

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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