Interesting Weblinks: 29 March 2010

Several topics today including politics, time zones, Harry Potter and changes at a local radio station.

On the day that countries across the Northern hemisphere put their clocks forward an hour wilst countries across the Southern hemisphere put their clocks back an hour, Russian president Dmitry Medvedev announces that Russia is co cut the number of time zones within the country to 9 (from 11):

President Medvedev has suggested that the number of Russia’s time zones could eventually be reduced to just five. He has also told government experts to study whether to continue the practice of shifting summer to winter time and back every year.

Radio Netherlands Media Network

You can read the full story on the Radio Netherlands Media Network blog.

Most journalists agree that the likely date for the general election will be May 6, and that the call for the election is likely to be next Tuesday. In Saturday’s Telegraph, columnish Matthew d’Ancona suggested that a Labour win at the next election could possibly be more likely than many think:

Though he faced the general election as incumbent, he was always the underdog, always the one with something to prove. And now he has proved it: the Rt Hon Gordon Brown, Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury, in command, at last, of his own Commons majority, not a hand-me-down from his predecessor, and – for the first time since Tony Blair became Labour leader in 1994 – unambiguously his own man. The Age of Gordon, he muses, starts today and will last till 2014 or 2015… maybe longer!

Matthew d’Ancona
Writing in The Telegraph

You can visit The Telegraph’s website to read the full column.

When I get bored I’ll often do a very random search in Google and search for some completely useless information on certain topics. Yesterday, I (by accident) found the Harry Potter Wiki site.

Its a sort of Harry Potter version of Wikipedia, containing articles on many of the characters, creatures and other items that appear in the books, films and various computer games.

The site does contain information that will spoil the books, so if you haven’t read all the books its probably not a good idea to visit. For those who have read all the books, it provides some very detailed background information from a variety of sources.

Finally, last week saw a new addition to BBC Radio Gloucestershire‘s weekday line-up. Chris Baxter joined the station from BBC Radio Leicester to present the mid-morning show:

I’m Chris Baxter!

I was born in Nottingham, but I spent a large chunk of my childhood outside Chepstow in a place called Sedbury (the Gloucestershire side of the River Wye).

My parents owned and ran a shop there.

Chris Baxter

Chris replaces John Rockley who left the station last month, and now presents weekend Breakfast shows at BBC Lincolnshire.

You can read an interview with Chris on the BBC Gloucestershire website.

Finally, last Wednesday was the day when BBC Radio Gloucestershire breakfast presenter Mark Cummings launched his new blog. The blog was created in order to complement the on-air output, to enable Mark and his listeners to discuss topics online.

You can read Mark’s blog at

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