Cooking a Greek Meal

I attempted cooking a Greek meal on Tuesday! It was basically, meatballs in tomato sauce: «Κεφτεδάκια με Σάλτσα» is the Greek name.

The recipe came from a book called “Meze Cooking“, by Sarah Maxwell, and is very simple to follow.

I started by getting all my ingredients out on the side, making sure that I had everything needed. The ingredients included minced beef, breadcrumbs, a range of herbs, a can chopped tomatoes and water, as well as salt and pepper. You’ll need to buy the book for exact quantities and the full list of ingredients. 😛

Basically, its a case of chucking all the ingredients (with the exception of the can of chopped tomatoes, and the water) into a mixing bowl, and mixing. After that, shape them into small balls and arrange on a baking sheet. They go into the oven for a while.



That’s the meatballs done, the hardest bit. The next step is to make the sauce. You need to put the can of tinned tomatoes (minus the can ;)) into a blender/food processer and purée until smooth. You then put them through a seive (to remove the seeds – discard these).

Then put them with the water in a saucepan and simmer for a few minutes.

The whole lot – sauce and meatballs – goes into a baking dish, then into the fridge to marinate overnight. When you want to serve, its into the oven for a little bit… and you might want some rice to go with it!

My attempt wasn’t perfect – and yours probably won’t be either. But its an excellent way of reminding yourself of sitting in a little taverna last summer whilst you’re sat, freezing cold, here in the UK!

Read the book for the whole recipe.

Read the book for the whole recipe. Read the book for the whole recipe.

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