New Website for Cirencester Radio Station

Corinium Radio’s brand new website went live this week, after I spent my Saturday evening (last week) rebuilding it. The new website has been designed using WordPress – the same system which runs this one.

There are many advantages to the new website. The biggest one actually only effects me, as website administrator. I no longer have to use the now discontinued Microsoft FrontPage, part of Microsoft Office 2000 to manage it! 😀

So… what about the new website?

Well, the homepage now features a ‘blog’ – although it won’t be used in the same way this blog is used. It’ll mainly act as a news feed. There is also a new, improved access for team members – they now have the ability to log in and add content themselves.

Whilst I still have overall control over what is on the website, it is possible for new material to be submitted without the need for every single word to be typed in by me. This is something that will become more and more important whilst I am studying for AS, and eventually, A levels at college.

As with all new things, it will take a bit of time for our users to get used to the new website. Which is why a created a user guide to the new website – basically, it summarises the main changes in a user-friendly way.

Take a look at the website for yourself. And leave a comment – either here or there!

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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