Is Newsreading Really Easy?

Studio 34D, BBC Egdon HouseThere’s an interesting question that forms today’s blog post, about the job of newsreaders. Exactly how easy is it? Its a question that Radio 2 presenter Terry Wogan thinks he can answer, and in fact has in his new book (which will be published on September 9).

The BBC Radio 2 breakfast show host made the comments in his forthcoming book, “Where Was I? The World According To Terry Wogan”.

“Newsreading is not something to get self-important about,” he said.

Quoted from BBC News

Wogan’s comments are a bit controvercial, they have sparked off a bit of debate on some blogs – as Gloucestershire journalist David Stone writes on his blog:

I’m sure on face value it seems that way. I’m sure back in the days ol’ Tezza used to dabble in reading himself, it was likely to be a case of turning up and reading a script. Unfortunately, he’s chosen the worst possible time to spout such nonsense.

Quoted from David’s blog

I’m not exactly sure that Wogan was talking “nonsence” in this instance, although I’m not exactly sure that newsreading is the easiest job in the world. I think what Wogan was really getting at was the fact that a lot of newsreaders (and I’m talking more about the big names you see on national television rather than the local radio journalists) are more like celebrities than journalists.

At first glance, there’s nothing wrong with that. Look a little deeper, and you soon realise that their “image” could have an effect on how seriously people take you and/or the news.

Good or bad? What are your comments?

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