Here Comes the Heat…

SunsetThe weather is definatley better these days than it was in both 2007 and 2008. However good weather still brings with it lots of problems. This week, Britain is having a heat wave.

Day and night temperatures will soar over the next few days and the heat will be accompanied by thundery showers throughout the week.

In London the temperature will rise  steadily from about 29c on Sunday to about 32c by the end of the week.

In the rest of the UK temperatures will climb from about 22c on Sunday to about 29c on Friday.

Quoted from BBC News

So… how have Britain reacted to news of a heatwave? The Met Office say that temperatures could reach 29 during the day time and 15 during the day and for me… that probably means I’ll have the windows open, the fan on and lots of water, becuase the high temperatures will bring with them high humidity.

There’s also the usual concern for the elderly and vulnerable, so make sure you keep checking on them! Heat waves can be as bad as Heat less waves if you’re not prepared properly.

The high temperatures might make being in Greece bearable next month – since its not as humid over there (although it can be humid if it wants to)!

I’ll write again tomorrow: I’ve got Freshers’ Day at the local college and the week of the July Corinium Radio broadcast is here!

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