Should Radio Presenters Use Their Own Twitter Accounts?

This is quite an interesting topic which I found on the blog of James Cridland, one of the many BBC staff members. It is about Twitter and debates whether it is appropriate for radio presenters to read out their Twitter usernames on air.

James says:

When I was on-air in the 1990s, radio stations didn’t need to tell me not to read out my home address, my own email address, or my mobile phone number. It was clear that, when I was on the air, the way of getting in touch with me was the station’s phone number – or my radio station email address. As presenters, we’d never have even considered doing anything else. Of course I’d never have given out my home address, because you never knew what crazies were out there. And of course, I’d never have given my own personal mobile telephone number. When I was off-air, I was not on-show.

Skip forward to today, and many radio stations are allowing their presenters to blur the lines – with personal Twitter addresses making it to air.

It makes an interesting read, if you’d like to read the full post then you can find it on James’ personal blog.

Tomorrow, James looks at the website addresses given out on air and I’ll post another link here when its online. My last exam tomorrow as well, so it looks like you’ll get 2 blog updates in 1 day!

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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