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A very good meeting for Corinium Radio on Tuesday night. We all got to have a look at the provisional schedule for our July broadcast so far. My next programme, Music from the Decades, returns for the 5th time.

Provisionally, Music from the Decades will be on air on Saturday 4th July 2009 from 9pm until 11pm. However this date is not defionate yet as the schedule has not yet complete. Although it is unlikely to be moved, the schedule is still in progress and programmes are still moving around.

It has become apparent that a lot of young people have the impression that a lot of young people believe Corinium Radio is run by “old people” (that is a quote, I’m not using it to offend the elderly), and equally a lot of retired people believe Corinium Radio is run by young people. However none of these beliefs are true!

Corinium Radio is run by a group of volunteers of all ages, young and old. Our youngest members are still at school, whilst our oldest members are retired. The reason for this is that Corinium Radio is a ‘community radio station’, which means that our programming is designed to appeal to all members of the community.

That does not mean that every programme will appeal to every person, but it means that some programmes will appeal to school aged people, some will appeal to the retires, whilst others will appeal to those in between.

It has also become apparent that a lot of people are put off from joining the group because they think that “there are no places left in the group” and this also isn’t true. The set up of the station team means that new members are always welcome to join at any point of the year. Anyone can volunteer in any capacity – presenters, technical, admin and support. No experience is necessary – many people pick up skills as they go along whilst bringing new ones to the group.

If you would like to get involved with Corinium Radio then we are looking for new members all the time. Visit the Corinium Radio website for more information.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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