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I have spent much of this weekend working on my website again, trying to improve it so that it is easier for you to use. If you were on the website at all yesterday you may have noticed a change of the home page.

What I was doing was experimenting to see what users would find easier, however, I have decided that the design I had yesterday didn’t work, and so I reverted back to the old layout for the homepage.


Earlier this week the German version of my website was launched. I have chosen a color scheme that reflects that of the German flag. The background color for each page is black, while the text boxes have a yellow background. The main text is in black however the links are in red. The banner along the top will contain all the links when complete, but at the moment the site is still under construction.


I mentioned in a post earlier this month that I would start working on a Greek version of my website. This has been live for a while now, but I have never got round to publishing anything about it on the blog.  Again, the Greek version of my website is still incomplete but I am working on it! More links will appear as the site develops.


The school section didn’t really work which is why I have removed it. However the idea is something I will keep with me, maybe I can use an electronic system for school work at some point in the future.

Greek Media

I have started working on a website about the Greek national broadcaster, ERT. The website will feature pages for each of the main television and radio stations run by ERT and will be fairily similar to the ARD section.

German Media

A second section of my website was completed only a few minutes ago. The German Media section of my site has been under construction since before the February half term. I completed the site just before 10 this morning, and it now contains pages on each of the regional broadcasters as well as Das Erste, ZDF and Deutsche Welle. I would like to know what you think of the site and the information on it. Leave a comment at the end of this blog post, or e-mail me.

Mothers’ Day today, so I’m off to visit my Grandparents this afternoon.


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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