I’m a Graduate!

GraduationGreat news! Towards the end of last week I graduated from university. Somehow, I’ve made it through three years of university and ended up with a degree.

Yes, I did wear one of those silly hats. For part of the day at least.

The day was also a great opportunity to catch up with all the radio lot from uni (Hooray!), and hear about what they’ve been up to over the last few months… we had a meal at Nando’s, then went to the pub. I’m quite certain things got rather rowdy after I left.

Next task is to get a job.

I’ve got a few employment leads, for jobs both in radio and in the local area. Had an interview today too, which wasn’t too bad.

Even if I don’t get in to radio straight away, at the moment I’m enjoying doing all the tech for Corinium Radio.

I hosted the station’s coverage of the Christmas Lights Switch-On the other night, and broke all the rules of radio by playing lots of Christmas music on air before the middle of December… Bad form in my books, but entirely justified given the event. The recording will be on MixCloud soon, I hope.

Took another trip up to London on Friday as well – this time to see a recording of Radio 4’s “Big Broadcast Series”, a drama about radio which will be broadcast over Christmas.

The recording I watched will be broadcast on Christmas Eve – 14:15 on BBC Radio 4. The second part will be recorded in front of a different audience next week and will be broadcast on Christmas Day, possibly similar time, possibly not (you know how radio schedules get so disrupted over Christmas).

Oh, by the way, I’m a proper subscriber to The Spectator magazine now. I’ve been reader of their website for a while, but I think it’s time I got the magazine itself.

With all these job opportunities coming up, December could be an interesting month…

Bye for now.


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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