Final Month of Uni

It’s now here: the final month on my final year at the University of Gloucestershire. I’m not quite sure how I’ve managed to get here.

I seem to remember that I was terrified about starting university – about leaving home temporarily – to go and live in another town.

Now, I am terrified about finishing university – about leaving my house in Cheltenham permenantly – to go and live back at home.

It’s not so much finishing university that’s scary – but the fact that I’m going in to the unknown… I don’t yet know where I’ll be/what I’ll be doing come September. My Outlook calendar is empty!

But before I finish university, I have lots of work to do. It seems that 90% of the 3rd Year assignments are due in during these final 2 weeks of lectures.

Today’s deadline: a Collaborative Practice essay. Tomorrow’s deadline: My Experimental Audio project. They are the two modules I’d rather did not exist at all.

Next week: Hand in the paperwork for work placement; hand in my Independent Production Project (my political interviews), the notes to go with Experimental Audio (the easy bit of that assignment) , and our final Live Broadcast show.

If I can survive the next two days and get both Collab and Experimental Audio out the way, I can enjoy the final few weeks at uni.

I’m sitting in the library at uni now. I’ve been here since 8. I will probably be here for a few more hours yet.

I’d much rather be at home with my housemates, or in the radio rooms with the other radio students, or doing my Tone Radio show after midday (I’ll be back on air next week) – but I feel I’d get more done without the destractions of sitting next door to the studio.

On a seperate note – it’s just 9 weeks until I go to Greece now. If only I could speed up those 9 weeks.

I’m off to find food – then I shall resume my day in the library.


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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