The Social Side of University

In my three years at university, I have always avoided the social side of university. Beyond sitting in the refectory in between lectures, I’m not one for socialising.

Yesterday however, I went to the 3rd Year Radio Production social – after a lot of persuasion from my housemates and other radio students. I decided it I might be able to manage it – just once. Although I usually trust no one, I decided I could trust the radio students (some of them at least) to not force me in to drinking or anything like that.

Let’s just say that it was an enlightening experience.

I am amazed at how much energy people have so late at night. At 22:30 (the time at which I either go to bed, or switch over for Newsnight), for some, the “party” was only just starting.

I had not a drop of alcohol (I stuck to my values… so I’m pleased) – but lots did consume alcohol… and I found it interesting to see how the dynamics of the group slowly started to change as the effect of their drinks kicked in.

I felt a bit like David Attenburgh – or some sort of NATO/UN official – observing the events of the evening and making mental notes as the night went on.

Some things did not surprise me. Other things, were interesting to discover – and one or two things shocked me.

During a discussion in which I was asked my opinion on things like smoking and drug taking, my facial expression gave away my complete disapproval of that sort of thing.

The night seemed to go from – observing some sort of weird drinking game – to standing outside on the 3rd floor balcony discussing (at length) my stance on Britain’s relationship with the European Union – and just about everything in between.

The music wasn’t exactly to my taste (hip-hop and music in which all they do is rap over a loud drum beat is just “noise” (the definition of noise being “unwanted sound”)), but I think I can ignore that one.

For some reason, I sort of enjoyed it.

I’m going to do something else I don’t normally do today: I’m going to be forced to watch football, and my reaction to it all will be recorded and played out on Tone Radio next week.

I’d better prepare for that, then…


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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