#YourSUVote: I Came 3rd in the Race for President

For the last 2 weeks, I have been one of the Presidential candidates in the 2014 University of Gloucestershire Students’ Union elections.

The results, announced last week at FCH Bar and live on Tone Radio, saw me come 3rd in the Presidential race.

Whilst this means that the University of Gloucestershire won’t see a “President Hart” next year, it is still a very good result.

The number of votes I got makes me the best performing member of the four Tone Radio committee members who stood for full time officer positions.

I also got more votes than there are students in all years of the Radio Production course combined. I got twice as many votes as there are Radio Production students.

You can see the breakdown of the results for all the positions on the SU’s website at yourstudentsunion.com/elections.

But what, if anything, have I got out of the whole process?

I guess the main thing is that I’ve done some speaking in front of a live audience now… The hustings on Monday night at Oxtalls were extremely scary, but during Tuesday’s hustings at FCH I did well (by my standards). Just don’t make me stand up in front of audiences like that too much, I don’t really like it!

My housemates thought I was completely mad to stand in the election… I, however, am pleased that I took part. It’s one thing to sit in the Tone Radio corner at hustings and results night and be critical of the elections and of the SU (as I was doing this time last year) – but you can’t really understand the process properly unless you take part yourself: so that’s what I did.

Where next for me?

I guess I’ll get the bus back home to Cirencester now!



Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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