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It is nearly a week now since my visit to Brussels, and I am once again having to get used to university life, having spent my time in Brussels pretending that university does not exist.

On Monday, we all had to do our pitches for the IPP (Independent Production Project). Some people had flashy PowerPoint presentations, and had clearly spent several days (even weeks) putting their presentation together. Me being me though, I arrived at the lecture still not having an idea of what I wanted to do, other than “something that would work for BBC Local Radio“.

In fact, it wasn’t until I actually opened my mouth at the start of my (20 second long) pitch that I decided what my IPP will be. When I was in Brussels, one of the things that stuck me (and I think a lot of people also on the trip) was how ignorant people in the UK are about how the EU works. So: My idea for the IPP was to create a series of radio features/packages/podcasts about the European Union, how does it work (or not work), and introduce the In/Out debate as well.

The reaction was not what I was expecting – it was in fact very positive. My lecturer suggested I talk to someone at BBC Radio Gloucestershire about it, so that might be my starting point. I have two weeks until the next IPP lecture, so my aim will be to build on my initial idea – work out how exactly I will approach it and decide exactly which format to produce it in.

At the same time, I need to get things moving on the Extended Essay. I normally leave things until the last minute – I started writing the the 3000 word essays last year about a week before they were due in and I got Firsts for both. However… The Extended Essay is a little bit more complicated. Although only 1000 words longer, I need to get it started asap.

That will be difficult when we don’t have scheduled lectures in the module… and that’s really what I need to keep me motivated. (Maybe I might write to the Education Secretary, Mr. Gove – five hours a week of lectures is not acceptable for the final year of a university course)! That said, I have now decided on my topic and am keen to get started quickly, if only to get the essay out the way!

I’m off to uni for a guest lecture now… and I shall write on the blog again soon.

Bye for now,


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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