Two Weeks Until I Go To Belgium

It is 2 weeks until I go to Belgium. In 14 days, I will be getting up at a silly time of the morning to get the 05:51 train from Kemble to Salisbury – from where I will jump on a coach to Brussels. I’m really looking forward to the trip! Can we just fast forward the next few days?

The reason I’m going to Belgium is… that I’m going to be visiting the European Parliament and the Ypres Battlefield. It should be a really interesting trip. I saw details of it a few months ago in the newsletter of Ashley Fox, MEP for South West England and Gibraltar, which – as I am a member of the Conservative Party – I get in the post.

In fact for many weeks the newsletter sat on the side, me not doing anything, thinking it would be too expensive and I wasn’t sure what my university timetable would be. Then I mentioned it to Mum and said something along the lines of “this looks interesting, shame its in November otherwise I’d have gone”… Then I realised I could afford it, on the basis that I had enough money in my savings account, and can missing a week of ui for an ‘educational’ trip to Europe really be a bad thing? I decided no!

A couple of weeks ago I had to make the menu choices. We’ll be staying in what looks like a very expensive hotel (the 4* Thon Hotel in Brussels City Center), and the menus look like something out of Masterchef. I even had to Google some of the dishes to find out what they were! The ones that I didn’t have to Google sound good though – I can’t wait to have the roast tender medaillon of lamb in basil creme sauce on the Tuesday night. 😛

Over the weekend the itinerary was delivered to me in the post. It’ll be a busy few days – spending the Monday and the Thursday travelling, with Wednesday spend at the European Parliament in the morning, exploring Brussels in the afternoon, and dinner at a restaurant in the vening – and the Thursday spent at the Ypres Battlefield.

While I’m away I will be posting photos to my Brussels 2013 blog at So save that web address in to your favorites and check back early next month!

I’ve got a Tone show to plan for tomorrow now.

Good night.


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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