Christmas, New Year and Being Ill: All In the Space of 2 Weeks!

We’re coming to the end of the Christmas/New Year period now. Tomorrow is 12th Night and Christmas trees all around the country will be coming down, decorations going back in the loft, and in our case, the tree will probably sit in our back garden for several months before we do anything with it.

So what did you do for Christmas and New Year this time then? We had a fairly quiet Christmas at my Grandmother’s house at Crowle – just 10 for dinner this year, with several members of the family out of the country.

We had a fire going in the sitting room, Doctor Who on the TV in the study, 2 tables joined together in the hall for dinner, and a bit of a panic when the electricity went off with the turkey still in the oven.

Just before Christmas, we went up to London to visit those on the Hart side of the family – my grandparents, Aunts, cousins etc, and on the Friday night we had a fantastic bit of beef, served with Yorkshire pudding.

I enjoyed the beef so much that I even had seconds (unusual for me as I get full very quickly), and if it wasn’t for the fact that I was full after my second helping, I would probably have finished the rest of the beef too!

New Year was quieter – we stayed at home, had roast lamb for dinner and then watched Jools Holland on the TV – an annual highlight for me. Petula Clark was on this year, including one or two unexpected tracks from her: its not often you hear some like her covering Gnarls Barkley!

Since New Year, however… I’ve been ill since Wednesday. I spent most of that day in bed. I made it to the sofa downstairs on Thursday, and was a little more ‘active’ on Friday. But I seem to have got worse again today. 🙁

Hopefully I’ll get better soon. Please? 😐

Still another week before I go back to uni – so plenty of time for me to get better before then.

Speak soon,


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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