Internet Radio On the Move: I’ve Nicked Mum’s Old Phone Now!

Nokia N97 MiniA couple of months ago, Mum got a new mobile phone, leaving her old set unused. But still usable. And on the basis that my mobile is just that – a mobile – one which can’t do much else – I have now swapped my sim card and put it in to the set of Mum’s old phone. A Nokia N97 mini (pictured above – picture courtesy of John Karakatsanis on Flickr).

OK. So the Nokia N97 mini might not be a top of the range phone. Its not an iPhone, not a Windows phone. There are lots of things it can’t do that more recent phones can.


It is a step up from my previous phone. I can do e-mails properly now on my phone. (I have in fact set up a separate e-mail address for my phone – try it: I can do Facebook and Twitter on my phone. Web browsing is possible as well!

I have switched my mobile phone tarriff as well. So instead of being on a basic Pay As You Go package (one which is in fact no longer available to new Virgin Mobile customers – that’s how long it is since I got a new phone) I’m now on the ‘Big Data and Text’ tarriff.

What that basically means is that it was possible to send a text to Mum earlier today and not be charged for it. I have 300 free texts for every £10 I top up.

It also meant that I was able to listen to Internet radio whilst walking between uni and my house in Cheltenham. ABC Perth‘s Early Breakfast Show kept me company! That’s because I’ve got an unlimited (within reason) data allowance now. And when I phoned up to check my balance afterwards, my credit had not gone down one bit after being on the Internet for half an hour.

I’m quite pleased that I’ve nicked Mum’s old phone now. I’ve password protected it so people can’t change things. All I need to do now is work out how to change the welcome message. My sister set one up when it was Mum’s phone, and I’d like something different I think.

I’m off to bed now, its getting late. There’ll be more blogs later this week. I still need to do one about the Corinium Radio broadcast. But for now… good night!


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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