The Studio: Its Coming Together… Slowly

Corinium Radio Studio

Its all starting to come together now. The Corinium Radio studio (pictured above – thanks to Harry for the photo) has been built and is just about ready to go – just the transmitter and the Internet broadcasting to attach.

This is the first time we have had the benefit of a permanent home – meaning that once the studio is set up, we will leave it and it’ll stay set up. We won’t need to put it back in to storage after next weekend’s broadcast.

We’ve also got some new equipment. A new Windows XP desktop, which we’ll be using for playing music and jingles as well as recording the broadcast (the XP soundcard is a lot better than the ones on our Vista laptops, to I’m pleased its that operating system).

We’ve also managed to buy our own transmitter and RDS encoder – I’ve been reading through the instructions to that, and I’ll get to turn them on for the first time on Thursday afternoon. And our engineer CJ has testes all the cables as well, to make sure none that could potentially cause problems get in to the system.

I have to say I’m quite pleased with our new studio setup. The photo above shows the cables looking rather messy – they will be tied up before we go on air on Friday morning. I like our new computer too. I was playing with it earlier, playing music from the computer into the desk, and using the computer to record the output of the desk at the same time.

That’s useful, because it means we can use that computer to record interesting bits of the broadcast to play them back later the same day. Impressive! And if you’re wondering what the laptop at the back is for – that will be the master recording of the broadcast, also taking the output of the desk.

Corinium Radio is on air from midnight on Thursday night until 9pm on Sunday night. Check the website for our full schedule.

Don’t forget to tune in to my show on Tone Radio this Tuesday, or to my programmes on Corinium Radio over the weekend.

Speak soon,


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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