Corinium Radio: 9 Days to Go

Just 9 days to go now before Corinium Radio is back on air in Cirencester! 😀

Now before I say anything else, I must take this opportunity to thank Jelmer Lelieveld – the ‘Crazy Dutchman’ as he calls himself – who ‘sat in for me’ on my Tone Radio show last night, which meant I could be in Cirencester to attend the Corinium Radio meeting.

I am told it was his first solo English-language show! I think he did well in my absence, especially when you take in to account the fact that I only told him he was doing the show before I left uni at 2pm (with the show due to go out at 4).

Now then… back to Corinium Radio. BBC Radio Gloucestershire‘s Breakfast Show presenter Mark Cummings came along to talk to us last night about presenting a live radio show and conducting an interview.

The stuff about doing interviews was useful, because I’ve never done those before, and I will have to when I present the New Studio Launch Party next weekend. I have to say I’m nervous. 100 guests have been invited. They won’t all be on air of course, they’ll be in the room next door. But some of them are quite ‘high profile’ so I can’t afford to make mistakes.

That’s why I’ve timed everything to the second and have already chosen what music I’m going to play: there’ll be some ‘daytime Radio 2 music’ mixed with ‘Late Junction Radio 3 music’ and maybe some ‘Sunday evening Radio 2’ style tracks. I like to mix things up a bit.

This is all because we’ve now got a permanent home  at Bingham House in Cirencester, on the top floor. Our new studio is starting together slowly. Over the last few weeks we’ve been busy preparing our studio for broadcast. We’ve moved our equipment in to the building, and hopefully by the end of this week it’ll all be set up and ready to go.

Another big development this time round is our new jingles. Ethemia, a local folk duo, spent 4 hours recording a jingle for us last month. I’ve taken the audio and chopped it all up to turn it in to lots of different jingles – beds, ramps, stabs, shotguns, donuts etc.

My original set of voiceovers which 6 Music presenter Chris Hawkins did for me back in 2006 work perfectly with Ethemia’s jingle. Here’s a sample of just on of them…

If you want to listen to the Corinium Radio broadcast, we’ll be on 87,7 FM from midnight on Friday 30 November (the start of Friday that is) until 21:00 on Sunday 2 December. We might also be able to broadcast online, but I need to check on that as we don’t yet have an Internet connection in the studio.

The ‘New Studio Launch Party’ which I’ve already mentioned will be on from 7pm on Friday 30 November.

You can also tune in between 05:00 and 07:00 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to hear my (pre-recorded) Early Breakfast Show.

If you can’t wait to hear me on Corinium Radio, you can always tune in to my show on Tone Radio (which is the University of Gloucestershire’s student radio station): 16:00 to 18:00 every Tuesday night, at

See you on the radio soon.


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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