First Week of the Easter Break

We’re now at the end of the first week of my Easter break from university, and I’ve really enjoyed the warm weather we’ve been having in Gloucestershire this week.

It has been strange being here during the week when my parents and sister at at work and school – normally I’m only home at the weekend. All change next week though as the schools have broken up for Easter as well.

As I’ve got lots of free time over the Easter holidays I’ve been going to some extra Greek lessons with Linda. I normally go once every two weeks but over the holidays I’m going to a few extra ones.

Annoyingly, I don’t think we’ve booked to go to Greece this Summer. Perhaps, now that I’m at uni and becoming a little bit more independant, I should save up and go to Greece on my own.

But then again… that would be boring. I need to have someone with whom I can speak English!!

Tomorrow I’ve got a Corinium Radio Technical meeting. We’ve recently upgraded our website to give us more space for promocasts and podcasts, and I’m also going to make use of the extra space to move a few things around on the website and redesign things a bit. It’ll be a slow process, but it’ll be easier to manage everything once complete.

I’m thinking that maybe next week I should put in a little bit of work towards RAP102 which is the Writing & Researching for Radio module at uni… and I will of course put in lots of time for radio listening. My Radio Listening Blog has been going for a whole month now and I’m enjoy putting it together each day, writing about what I’m listening to on the radio.

There’s a couple of programmes I’d like to watch on the iPlayer before I go to bed – so I’m going to leave you now and will write again soon.



Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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