Half Term Already!??

Half term is here already – this term has gone faster than the last one. Maybe its because the last one was a month longer than this one…

This week was a catchup week in Music Tech; finishing as many assignments as possible before half term. My aim is to get a Distinction overall, and that means making improvements to some of the assignments I’ve already done. Just a couple of paragraphs here and there for the ‘Human Ear and Hearing’ assignment need to be done over half term, then hopefully that’ll go from Merit to Distinction!

In IT, as well as doing more Dreamweaver this week, we’ve also been doing the HTML coding that runs websites. I have to admit that, whilst I can do the basic HTML coding, I’m no expert on any type of coding. This website, for example, is run by a content management system, which means the HTML and PHP coding is done for me… I just have to edit bits of code as necessary when I want to change the way my navigation system works, or my comments boxes.

And in German, we’re continuing to look at renewable energy, as well as Das Leben der Anderen in our film lesson. Self explanitory – no further info needed here.

I finished off the week with a trip to Cheltenham this afternoon for my interview for the University of Gloucestershire’s Radio Production course. I’m hoping to get an offer from here – because it probably would be my top choice. I don’t think it went too badly, but you can never tell.

So… half term will involve:

  • Listening to the radio – 6 Music/Radio 2/World Service.
  • Using the computer – playing with web stuff.
  • Auditing the Corinium Radio equipment – its been moved about rather a lot since the last broadcast.
  • A compulsory trip to the Cinema, as Mum wants to get me away from my radio and the computer.
  • …And a couple of nights at meine Oma’s in Worcester.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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