Why I Use Krystal for My Web Hosting

I have been using Krystal since I launched my website in 2006. The reason is simple… their customer service is good, and if anything goes wrong I feel comfortable to contact them for support.

Luckily, this isn’t needed too often. But there have been one or two times when I have needed a bit of help.

For example, after I first got broadband internet access on my own computer, there was a period of about a week when I wasn’t able to receive e-mails, access my website or log into the control panel. I asked if there was something wrong with their servers. They replied – “no” (obviously I haven’t put the exact e-mail in).

So the problem wasn’t solved, but at least I knew it was something at my end… and after re-booting the router I’ve had no problems since. Somehow the router was blocking or being blocked by my website. (This was in 2007).

Then there was yesterday – for some reason my RSS feed hasn’t been working so I went into the directory and had a play about with the code. I broke my website, and somehow also the database which keeps all the pages, comments and articles stored in it.

So at about 11 last night, I sent a support ticket asking if it would be possible to restore the database. They replied just before 11 this morning, and restored the database.

Now after a bit more copying and pasting, everything is back to normal!

So it shows how important it is to back things up!

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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