Website Statistics for May

Where has 2010 gone!? We are already nearly half way through the year, and in about 3.5 weeks time we’ll be closer to Christmas 2010 than we are to Christmas 2009!

A summary first… there were 640 unique visitors to the website throughout May 2010. There were 2284 visits, and an average of 3.56 visits per visitor.

Days of the Month

The average number of visits per day was 73.68.

The highest number of visits occurred on May 13, with 127 visits. (There were no posts written on April 2, hence the 404 error if you click the link).

The lowest number of visits occurred on May 29, with 42 visits. (There were no posts written on April 2, hence the 404 error if you click the link).

The full graph is available here as an .xlsx document.

International Hits

In May 2010 the website received hits from 65 countries worldwide. The top 5 countries were the UK, Ireland, Russia, Israel and the USA.

The 5 countries with the least number of hits were Sweden, Iraq, Slovakia, Venezuela and Lithuania.

Most Viewed

The top 10 most viewed pages in May 2010 were:

Search Terms

The top 10 search terms which resulted in a direct hit on the site were:

  • Fred Hart
  • Mo Dutta Axed
  • Biologie
  • John Rockley leaving Radio Gloucestershire
  • Geographie
  • Hart Radio Online*
  • Hart iPlayer**
  • Geography Chesil Beach
  • Myrties Kalymnos Tavernas
  • Telendos Zorbas Miha

*I would assume this is someone looking for a commercial radio station called Heart.

**I would assume this is also someone looking for Heart, and it seems they want to listen to a programme they’ve missed.
Radio broadcast next month, so June’s stats probably won’t be posted until July 5th. Enjoy the rest of the month. 🙂

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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