Rural Road Litter Problems

Rural Roadside RubbishI’ve decided to look at a local issue in today’s short blog post. Its one based on a news article I found on the Wilts & Glos Standard website, and the news that researchers have found that most of the litter dropped alongside rural roads in the Cotswolds is by 3 multinational companies.

Tim Barnes of the litter campaign group Litterholes recently performed a study plotting every item of litter from the three brands on a 12-mile stretch of country lanes in the North Cotswolds.

He found 90 cans or bottles from Coca Cola (more than eight per mile), 54 Red Bull cans and 16 items of McDonalds litter.

Coca-Cola, Red Bull and McDonalds are the 3 companies which Tim believes do not do enough to stop littering. In my opinion, this isn’t the case. The way to solve litter problems is through education by local people and, more importantly, enforcement by local people.

Next time you’re out and about in the Cotswolds don’t throw your litter to the side of a road. Put it in a bin.

To read the full article, visit the Wiltshire & Gloucestershire Standard website.

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