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Its the end of the third month in 2009, or the end of the 1st quater! As usual at this time in the month I publish a set of statistics showing visitor numbers for the main part of this site.

My definition of the ‘main’ part of the site is any page that comes under the domain name, so my Itzehoe & web design websites etc. aren’t counted in this section. The part of the site which is counted is the home page, any part of the site which comes under this WordPress installation along with the German and Greek versions of the site, both of which are still under construction.

I start with the general overview. In March 2009 the site had a total of 166 unique visitors, who visited a total of 389 times. This means that each visitor visited an average of 2.39 visits.


There was an average of 12.55 unique visitors to Fred Hart Online per day throughout March 2009. The highest statistic was achieved on March 14th, when 26 unique visitors visited the site. The lowest was 5 visitors, which was on both March 2nd and March 4th. To see the full graph, please click here.

International Hits

My international hits are the most varied of all the information I get over each month – I am never exactly sure on how many people in other countries are accessing the site. As usual, the UK is at the top of the list with 15017 hits. The bottom countries are Ukraine, China, South Korea and Singapore since each country has 1 hit. A hit is counted each time a page or file is loaded.

To see the full list of counties, please click here.

Most Viewed

The 5 most viewed documents/pages in March 2009 were:

Internet Browsers

85.6% of visitors to Fred Hart Online in March 2009 used Mozilla Firefox, 11.2% used Internet Explorer, 0.8% used Safari and 0.2% used Google Chrome. Other Internet browsers had so low results that it is not worth publishing them – we will be here for days otherwise!

Search Terms

The top 5 search terms which directed users to this site in March 2009 were:

  • Fred Hart
  • Pirate Johnnie Walker
  • Jingle collectors
  • Pirate Johnny Walker
  • Recycled Clothes Show

See Also

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Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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