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I’ve just spent the last hour working on my website, which still isn’t finnished. But in the last ten minutes one section of the site has been published, completely finnished.

The ‘Web Design’ section of my website first went live about two weeks ago, and I have now managed to finnish the whole thing (see a screenshot of the homepage below).

This installation of WordPress has seen some new additions: a page on Music from the Decades along with a tracklisting from the last show is now available online.

There are still a number of other pages to come: a photo gallery will appear soon as part of this WordPress site, and the School pages will be moving to make way for an online newsletter, which registered users can also be subscribed for. There is also my Itzehoe and German Media websites which still need to be completed, and then I will start work on designing a smaller version of the website in both German and Greek.

I have loads to do, but please don’t expect anything to be changing too fast. I am only working on my website in my free time. A lot of time is being spent on working towards my GCSEs at the moment. I have a long summer coming up and will be working on the website then.


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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