Safely Home

A lot of driving ahead – All the way to Dieppe, then the overnight ferry, then home to Cirencester. It would be a long time before I get a proper bed again – though I would be able to grab a little bit of sleep on the ferry. Continue reading

Like A Different Country…

As I came off the motorway I felt like I had arrived in a different country: In comparison to Salamanca, Northern Spain felt very Alpine – Very like Switzerland, or maybe Bavaria. I note that this area of Spain is relatively close for driving to from the UK so I might have to drive back here at some stage, I’m getting home with just one overnight stop in France. Continue reading


Today I visited the Portuguese capital Lisbon (or Lisboa in Portuguese). I drove as far as the cruise terminal where I was able to park – there it was an easy walk mostly through the narrow streets to Castelo de S. Jorge (St George’s Castle) – and also along the coast towards Praça do Comércio (Commercial Square), where I sat and had my packed lunch, before going in search of a Portuguese egg custard tart – a Pastel de nata. I should really have gone in to Belém for that…. Continue reading

Exploring the Algarve

With much of the day expected to be cloudy and showery, I went for a drive. I went to Estoi, just outside Faro, to visit the Estoi Palace & Gardens. The palace is actually a luxury hotel but for €2,50 you can visit some of the rooms as well as the gardens which are great to walk around. The hotel pool is only for guests, but it does look good!! Continue reading