Sunny Easter Weekend

It is almost too good to be true: A bank holiday weekend and two consecutive days of sunshine – I’ve enjoyed being out in the garden over the last couple of days.

Yesterday I made some Shropshire Butter Buns – an interesting recipe I found online. They’re made using a sweet dough (flour, sugar, salt, yeast, water, an egg, and milk) – mixed using my mixer and then left to rise for an hour.

While the dough was rising I made the filling – brown sugar mixed with butter and lemon curd. Once baked I topped with a syrup (sugar mixed with water and simmered for a couple of minutes) and left to cool.

They were very light and tasted so good – so that is a recipe to keep a note of!

Also this weekend I’ve finished reading my book about Portugal. I’ve been reading Alyson Sheldrake’s Living the Dream book which has partly inspired my next foreign holiday – driving to Portugal in June and including a couple of nights in the Algarve.

Lunch with relatives tomorrow and then on Monday meeting up with a couple of friends at a local pub. It’s so nice having a long weekend to enjoy after so many months of darkness, rain and cold weather. (Hurry up Summer!)


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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