Corfu 2011: Argyrades

The View from the Church

Inland from St. George South is the village of Argyrades (Αργυράδες). Whilst St. George is mainly tourists, Argyrades is more Greek.

We decided to walk up to Argyrades – this can be done by taking the road next to the Kafesas (Καφέσας) taverna and following it. There is some traffic on the road – but its not a main road so its perfectly safe even though there are no pavements. In the heat of the day, it can be slow and can get hot so make sure you have got sun protection and take a bottle of water with you!

I’m not sure exactly how long it took us to walk up to Argyrades – but it was at least half an hour. Its flat until the end, when you start going up hill in towards the village. You’ll know you’re at the village because the road narrows – until eventually anything wider than a couple of motorbikes is too much for the streets.

Keep on following the road until you get to a mini square – next to a church. Immediately before this is a small shop where you can stop and buy a drink. If you speak Greek it would really impress the locals (they asked us if we were from Serbia when we went there the first time) – the only people who really go in to this part of the village, and I don’t think everyone there speaks English.

Continue walking beyond the square and you get to the main road; turn left and walk round the corner until you get to the “centre” of the village – here there are a couple of mini-markets, a patisserie/ζαχαροπλαστείο, a fresh fruit & veg market, a small books shop – Greek books – as well as a kiosk, a kafenio (καφενείο)… and a driving school (Σχολείο Οδηγών)!

We actually walked up in to the village twice – the first time stopping to have a drink and then walking back down. The second time one of the locals drove past in his pick up truck and gave us a lift up into the village – he certainly didn’t speak English but we managed to explain that we are from England and learn Greek because we visit the country every year etc. and he pointed us in the right direction to the church of Ag. Ioannis, from where we can see the view of both sides of the island – looking towards the mainland on one side and St. George South on the other.

The picture above shows the view to St. George South. You can also walk up to the hill shown in the background and see the Lake of Korission too!

It was also on our second visit that we had a proper look in to some of the local shops and brought back some Gigandes (the giant beans) which we grow on our alotment from the small fresh fruit and veg market.

While its not practical to go into Argyrades every day, its a good way to take a break from the normal holiday activities of beach and swimming pool – and on the way back you’ll be looking forward a swim at the beach after all that walking!

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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