Corfu 2011: Where to Eat in Ag. Geiorgos Arguradon

Zack's Taverna, Ag. Geiorgos Arguradon

St. George South has a range of bars, tavernas and restaurants to eat at – some open all day, some just in the evening.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to eat British food or somewhere serving traditional Greek dishes, there’ll be something in St. George South there’ll be something for everyone!

We prefer the ones serving the local food and wherever possible, particularly the ones where the locals themselves eat.

In this blog post I am not discussing every single taverna in the village – we’ll be here all day. But this should give you a good starting point. I’m sorry about the long post today – hopefully there’s lots of info here you’ll find useful.

The nearest one to the Alexander Beach Hotel is the Telis (Τέλης) – a snack bar/taverna/bar, located opposite the church in St. George. On our first night we didn’t go in here, as all the new arrivals from our hotel had gone there – but afterwards it was really only the locals (or if not the locals, certainly Greeks) in there; open from breakfast time to late at night, there are many Greek dishes on the menu, or if you don’t want anything to eat you can go in and just get a drink.

We should really have gone in there more often – once or twice we went in for a drink, and on our last day (on Monday) we had lunch there – Pita Gyros (Πίτα Γύρος), a Greek dish which is fairly cheap alternative to having a full meal. Although located right on the main road, the road is quiet enough that sitting there eating a meal is quite pleasant.

Heading further South, to between the Stella and Esperando supermarkets, is Zack’s Taverna – pictured above. “Zack” didn’t sound like a very Greek name to me but that doesn’t matter. Fresh made pizzas there are available cheaply (eat in, or I think take away is also available) alongside the normal range of Greek dishes – I particularly enjoyed the Chicken Fillett (Κοτόπουλο Φιλέτο) which I had once.

Zack’s is located in gardens and the tables are fairly spaced out, and you’re slightly further back from the road – so it always appeared to us as though we were the only ones there when in fact there were several groups there a few tables away! For those of you with young children, there are also some swings as well…

One of St George South’s newest places is Anna and Mirnissie’s Garden Taverna – one with a good sea view which only opened a few weeks ago, and they are very friendly.

Not far away is the KafeSas (Καφέσας) restaurant, again one with a good sea view, and the one we ate at on the first night. There’s also a KafeSas Too in the far North of St. George South.

Heading towards the main bit of St George is The Village, a grill house (ψισταριά) where we ate a couple of times. This is located on the road coming in to St. George, 60m from the T-junction. Pita Gyros are available, and I particularly liked the souvlaki – mainly because tey used bigger chunks of meat than you’d get on the average souvlaki.

North of the T-junction is where you will find many more tavernas; here you will also find most of the main bars as well. BELOTIS (ΜΠΕΛΟΤΗΣ) is a good place to go if you want a cheap meal – something like Pita Gyros. I am reliably informed that its one of the older places in the village.

Not far from the harbour, you’ll find the The Balcony (Το Μπαλκόνι), run by Dimitris and his family – a friend of Alekos at the Alexander Beach. Most of the guests were English, but this didn’t matter – having met Dimitris at the Alexander Beach pool bar one day, he recognised me and new I spoke a little Greek. We enjoyed sharing a meze starter – basically a selection of different starters. Don’t let the fact that its above the Los Amigos bar put you off – even on Saturday night when we went we couldn’t hear it from above.

Further North, there is my favorite of the holiday – the Rouvelas (Ρουβέλας) grill house/ψισταριά, where we went one night – we saw that they did mezes fairly cheaply and we didn’t want to spend too much money. For €30 a meze for 4 people includes starter and main course dishes! The combination of starters included – gigandes, saganaki, taramosalata, tzatziki, and Feta in the oven. For main course we had biftekia (burgers), souvlaki (pork and chicken), a grilled sausage and a mini mousaka. Excellent value for money – to order the items individually from their menu would cost much more than €30!

There are of course many other bars, restaurants and tavernas you may wish to try. Why not let me know your favorites using the comments form below!??

FH, 10/08/2011 (22:45 EEST).

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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