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Over the summer I found an Internet radio station, Its supported by the Radio Academy and offers people the chance to sign up and host their own radio show.

At the time, it wasn’t open to new applications but I was able to register my interest. And yesterday morning I logged in to Facebook to find a message, inviting me to join.

It was quite simple to join – type in my basic details, including previous radio experience, upload a voice demo, then wait for a response.

I received that response this morning, saying that I was now able to log into a “DJ account” and book shows.

My first show will be on air on Thursday morning, 10am to 11am. Do listen in if you’re able to. I will be doing more shows in the future, not always on a Thursday (it depends what it available when I book the shows).

I’m always on the look out for programme content – you can e-mail me on, or contact me via Facebook and Twitter.

Playlists from all my shows will be put onto my Radio Programme Archive website, at

Remember… Thursday morning at 10am.

Bye for now.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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