Crete Is Just Around the Corner

Our Accommodation for Crete

One of the things I did at Granny’s last week, was to show her on the computer where we’ll be staying when we go to Crete this year. The Olympic Holidays website had a useful video about the location, so I connected the computer to the big TV screen (photo above) and played it through that.

The Crete Periphery is one of the 13 peripheries of Greece; it is in fact the only island to form its own periphery: Even Evia, the second largest island, comes under the Στερέα Ελλάδα (Central Greece) periphery.

Crete is the only island to support the European ‘E Road’ system – the system for numbering & identifying main roads throughout Europe. Unlike the UK and Uzbekistan, Greece do sign the network (I’m not sure how well though). Both the E65 and E75 roads form part of Crete’s road network. The E65 runs from Kissamos in the West to Chania. The E75 runs from Chania to Sitia in the East.

Specifically, we’re going to be staying on the Western side of the island – in Νομός Χανιών (the Chania Prefecture), which covers the Western most quarter of the island. The area has a population of about 156371 and covers an area of 2376 km². Readers of this website will, of course, have to wait until I get back before you can find out where in the region I’m talking about.

What I will say though, is that its an area I’ve never been to before. That’ll probably be quite useful, because the locals won’t know I’m English and therefore I’ll be able to practice my Greek! 😀

For the first week, we probably won’t do much. We’ll stay in the local area, perhaps use the τοπικό λεωφόρειο (local bus service) if we want to travel out of the village. In the second week, we’ll look in to hiring a car so we can go wherever we want.

And when we return, I’ll create a series of articles on this website so you can read about my holiday and see some photos of the local area. It’ll be similar to the Kalymnos website I did last year.

Weather forecast looks good – on Wednesday its going to be 32°c (max daytime temperature), and overnight it’ll be 23°c (min nighttime temperature). That’s about as warm as it is during the day here! On the other side of the island, the temperatures are higher… tomorrow, it’ll reach 38°c!

There’s not much to do before we leave. Its just a case of taking my clothes out of the drawer and putting them into a bag just before we leave.

It shouldn’t take that long… 😐 😉

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