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The latest radio meeting to be held on programming in my view went very well. My ‘Music from the Decades‘ programme has now been sponsored (£20 by me, £20 by Luke) leaving only my new ‘Friday Lunch’ with no sponsor.

The two programmes are going to be broadcast live on Cirencester’s Corinium Radio, which recently heard from OfCom that the frequency for this July’s broadcast will be 87.7 FM.

‘Friday Lunch’ will be a sort of magazine show, containing a bit of music. Mum is hoping to get some pupils from Cirencester Junior School on to do a bit of a feature on the various awards they are doing (such as the journalist award). It will be a contrast to my Saturday show, which is based more around the music rather than the local community.

Music from the Decades also returns to the airwaves, this time Luke Thrussell will be helping me with the presenting. Also, due to popular demand, there will also be more ‘modern’ music than previously however the playlist won’t be all modern: there is a reason for the word ‘decade’ in plural form!

I’m not going to give too much away about Music from the Decades for two reasons: one is that although the local feature has been decided, it hasn’t been formally organized yet. Secondly, although the music has been chosen and the playlist finalized, the terms of our licence mean that I can NOT publish details of the music to be played in advance. However, the latest tracklisting will be available via this website after the broadcast.

On a different note, for those members who weren’t aware, this blog has now seen its first ever Greek language/alphabet update. I hope to post more in Greek soon, as well as German. Website statistics have shown me that there is possibly more demand for German blog posts though.

  • Friday Lunch is scheduled for Friday 2 July, 1300-1400.
  • Music from the Decades is scheduled for Saturday 3 July, 2100-2300.

Times are subject to change.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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