Last Day of School

Well… I have now officially left school! Today was my last day although it may not have been obvious, considering that I’m probably the only one not partying!

The day started with my GCSE German Listening exam… that was very very easy and I probably should have been doing higher tier instead of foundation. Too late now though!

After that, the only lesson I did any work in was geography, where for the first half of the lesson we looked at OS maps which will come up in the exam. After that we had cake and… other stuff!

My last ever lesson at Deer Park School was German! Even though we still have exams we didn’t do any work, and instead watched a PowerPoint presentation put together by our teacher… I now have the nickname of:

Fred “Kekse ist mein Lieblingsessen” Hart

Leavers’ Lunch: Some sort of curry thing, followed by that chocolate thing. Oh well… at least it was free! It did at one point sound like the roof was going to break, but I soon realised that it was actually millions of our year group banging on tables!

Then it was onto shirt signing and I have one comment on that: WHO WROTE “SEXY” ON MY FRONT??? They should be punished!

The leavers’ assembly was good – well done to all those who spoke/performed in front of the year group. I can only talk to more than 2 people at once and have everyone understand when I’m in front of a microphone!

We finished at 2:25, so was home by 3! Now I only go in for the exams & I’m looking forward to the extended break!

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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