Christmas Shopping in Herm

Yesterday I had a lovely day; I did a day trip to Herm.

A small island a short boat ride from Guernsey with no cars and not many people, you’d think there wouldn’t be much to do at Christmas. However, especially for Christmas, the island’s gift shop has extended opening hours on select weekends in December, and the pub put on special buffet lunches for the month.

On the day I chose to go there was just one return boat trip; I got my ticket for the 10:15 departure and was told the return would be at 14:35. It was 10:10 by this time so I had 5 minutes to catch the boat – so rushed off to board.

The crossing was pleasant and I sat up the top of the boat, enjoying the morning sunshine. Once on Herm, as other visitors from the boat headed for the gift shop and the pub, I decided to start with a walk and I headed towards the North first.

I walked across the middle of the island to Shell Beach and Alderney Point (pictured below) then followed the coast all the way back round to the centre of the village (if it can even be called a village)! It was a lovely walk but did cloud over during the walk – the weather was starting to turn and the wind picking up.

Once I got back to the village I went in to the gift shop, to do a little bit of Christmas shopping for friends and family. I then wandered over to the pub where they were doing buffet lunches for £15 a head. Not bad value for money as you could help yourself to as much (or as little) as you wanted. So I really enjoyed that. I had beef chilli.

With about 90 minutes before the boat back I went for another walk – this time crossing the middle of the island and then following the coast South to loop back round to the point at which the boat would depart (I got back about 15 minutes before the boat).

The boat back was quite rough – side on to the waves the small boat tipped in both directions as passengers struggled to stay upright! Not a particularly pleasant crossing but at least it only lasted 15 minutes. It felt like the waves were bigger than the boat…..

I had a bit of a siesta in my room, and then in the evening I drove in to St Sampsons and enjoyed a lovely curry for my final night in the Channel Islands.

Tomorrow I’m going to do a bit of a guided tour of Guernsey which should be quite interesting.

Good night,


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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